Meet the Fam

Meet the Fam

Meet the Fam…

One gorgeous hubby, three great boys, what more could a mom ask for? Well, maybe some peace and quite or anything pink or shopping trips…don’t get me started.

Green Mountain Falls, Colorado Thanksgiving Day Hike

Meet the Hubby…

We met my first day of college at a small private school in Iowa. It was the end of Winter Term. If you’ve ever experienced life in a small town at a small school in the middle of winter…it is bleak and pickings are slim. The day I transferred in, my hubby-to-be, Peter, came right up to me and introduced himself. I played hard-to-get for three weeks. The rest is sweet history. He’s the love of my life, my best friend and hot.

Me and Hubs, the Stud of my Life

Da Boyz…

I’m the proud mom of three active, creative, funny, annoying, loud, loving, stinky, gorgeous, infuriating, awesome boys. They are each so different, yet alike at times. I wouldn’t change them or exchange them…even for a girl.