DIY Ribbon Ottoman Make-Over

DIY Ribbon Ottoman Make-Over

I bought this old side table, turned ottoman at a garage sale last year for $10. It’s been sitting in my living room, lonely and waiting for someone to ask it to dance. I’ve decided to teach it some new moves and give it an Anthropologie look, without the Anthropologie price. This ottoman is now super chic and has a hot date with a sofa.


  • Ottoman
  • 3 different ribbon spools (Mine were 3 yards a piece and bought at my local craft store. Note: Pick cool, interesting ribbon–different textures, colors, patterns)
  • Decorating/craft stapler
  • Scissors


  1. Unscrew the top of your ottoman and remove from the base.
  2. Cut your ribbon to the desired length. Make sure you lay-out the pieces before you staple.
  3. Starting with the horizontal ribbons top to bottom, staple ribbon ends to back of ottoman top. Be sure to pull tight before stapling and turn ottoman top over to make sure your ribbon is straight. Continue all the way down.
  4. Next weave your vertical ribbons through. Pull ribbon tight while turning over to check if ribbon is straight on front then staple ends.
  5. Attach the ottoman top back to the base and watch her blossom into a cute, sophisticated, one-of -a-kind piece!