Dukes, Soccer and Twitter

Dukes, Soccer and Twitter

I’m a giver. I give. Some would say that I’m a pleaser. I want to please. Yes, I do. Here, my fellow humans, is an example…

Picture this, a long drive home from our Michigan soccer tournament. Me, getting ready to read about whether the beautiful, outcast milliner’s daughter will land the rakish, thick-thighed Duke. My hubby turns to me and asks, “Will you read me the Twitter feed on the Spain vs Portugal Euros soccer game? It would really help me get through this drive.”

I just spent six days watching my oldest son’s soccer team make it to the regional finals in Michigan. I just spent six days stopping son #2 from killing son #3 while watching son #1 play soccer. I just spent six days eating hotel complimentary breakfasts. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love soccer. I love soccer when someone I love is playing or it’s my hometown, school or country, not when it is Spain vs Portugal in the middle of Illinois with fighting kids in the back when I want to escape to 19th century England.

But….remember, I’m a giver. I give. I agree to Hubby’s request and start reading the play-by-play tweets. While doing this, I not only get a chance to mispronounce every Portuguese and Spanish player’s name, but I discover my hubby follows The Dark Lord (Darth Sidious from Star Wars) and Brody Jenner on Twitter. I had no idea.

Needless to say, the game ended in two over times and penalty kicks…BORING…and Spain won, much to Hubby’s chagrin.

I did my good deed, because I’m a giver, and now I’m back to my Duke and figuring out what the hubs can do for me to pay me back. That, my friends, is what it is all about for us givers…payback.