Once upon time, in a cul-de-sac next door.

Lived this stay-at-home mom with three boys she adored.

Off to school they finally went. She was overboard.

Only for them to return, because the school closed it’s doors.

Vomit here, vomit there, vomit, vomit everywhere!

From kindergarten to 6th grade–it was a vomit daycare.

The kids came home excited for two days of no school.

While she waited and watch every drop of their drool.

No vomit has come knocking on her Lysoled door here.

“We must be pretty lucky.” She thinks they are in the clear.

Until Son #2 decided to revisit his ravioli–

Every 20 minutes into the bowl, holy moly!

She remembers the sign said, “Welcome back to Schoolza!”

But now she realizes, it meant “Vomitpalooza!”

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