5 Semi-Honest Tips to be a Successful Mommy Blogger (Sort of)

5 Semi-Honest Tips to be a Successful Mommy Blogger (Sort of)

1. Ignore Your Family.

Who has time to parent when you need to blog? When one of my children has a problem, I tell them to look it up under the correct category on my blog. This way I’m not bothered and can continue blogging while they seek my wise, yet impersonal words of advice off the computer. For instance, no need to have a conversation with them when they can read these: {I’ve Had it With the Tooth Fairy!} and {Middle School Daze}.

2. Multitask.

Did you burn a bagel this morning? Don’t waste this profound event. Take a picture and blog about it. I did. Well, I Tweeted it which showed up on my blog. See:

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3. Use Bad Grammar.

Contrary to what we have been told, using bad grammar gets more comments on your blog. One of the ways I can get my hubby to comment is if I throw a misspelled word in. Now, if you are needing nice comments you better spell check, but if you want to gain more blog traffic, skip the spell check and watch the comments poor in.

Thoughts on grammar: {Modern Mom Proverb #16}

4. Steal Ideas From Your Kids.

Content is key to mommy blogs, or any blog really. Creative, constant content is hard work. Your kids aren’t copyrighted yet, so steal from them. Not only can they inspire you,  but be your main content pusher.

Here are some of my “stolen kid idea” posts: {DIY Printable Bathroom Art} and {Wake Up Mama Bear!}.

5. Pimp Yourself Out.

Self-promote yourself by using social media, commenting on other blogs and tagging other articles you’ve written in your work. Essentially, be a street-walker on Blog Street. Flaunt your wares to all. Be bold, annoying and persistent. As you can see, I’m getting good at this: {Just Another Mommy Blogger’s Shameless Self-Promotion}


I hope you’ve enjoyed these tips. I’m new to blogging so I have no idea what I’m talking about. Hopefully I will get to continue before my hubby throws my computer off a cliff and locks me in my room. Happy Blogging.


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