10 Cool DIY Ways to Give Cash Gifts or Gift Cards

10 Cool DIY Ways to Give Cash Gifts or Gift Cards

Do you have a person who is incredibly hard to buy for? Do you have a child, tween or teen who only wants money for the holidays or their birthday? Are you looking for a cool, fun way to give a graduation or wedding gift? Look no further. Here are 10 Cool DIY Ways to Give Cash Gifts or Gift Cards. Enjoy!

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1. The Money Tree

“Money does grow on trees!” said my youngest son when he saw what his grandma had made. My mom made this adorable and fairly easy Money Tree out of dollar bills, a dowel rod, floral foam, a festive container and ribbons. She purchased a dowel rod which she stuck into the center of a floral foam block in a festive container. Next, she folded the bills into fans and tied the money to the dowel rod with ribbons. She then made a star for the top of the tree and stuffed tissue paper around the floral foam in the container base. You can purchase {dowel rods} and {floral foam} from Amazon.

2. All Hands on Deck

Grandma was at it again! This time she was gifting a gift card. Grandma is a retired nurse, so she has lots of medical gloves lying around. She blew up several of these gloves and spread a deck of playing cards throughout them–several cards in each glove with one glove having the gift card in it. All the boys loved trying to pop the balloons to find the gift card. You could also put cash in the balloons. This was a lot of fun, although my sister had to leave the room because she hates the sound of popping balloons. You can buy some synthetic vinyl powder-free gloves {here} from Amazon.

3. Sock it to Them

I love giving my boys socks as stocking stuffers. Whenever they pull the socks out of their stockings they are so disappointed until they realize something is inside–a hidden gift card! Check out these cool socks from Amazon: for girls {here}, for boys {here}.

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4. Don’t Blow it All in One Place!

This adorable Kleenex box money gift idea came from It’s What’s for Dinner {here}. She says you just have to empty a Kleenex box and fill it with dollar bills taped together. I especially like the note on the box. Classic!

5. Box of Chocolates?

I think Forrest Gump would even like this “Box of Chocolates.” Check out Life as Mom’s post {here} to see how to make this great money gift. Here are some candy liners from Amazon that you can purchase: {brown candy liners}, {gold candy liners}, {white candy liners} and {silver candy liners}.

6. Cold Hard Cash

This idea came from Mommy Savers {here} where she explains how to freeze money in a block of ice. I thought this was genius and can’t wait to make some Cold Hard Cash this holiday season for my boys!

7. Origami Money

“Wax on, wax off,” or should I say “fold down, fold up.”  Homemade Gifts Made Easy {here} has a whole slew of fun money origami with instructions that you can make. These would make great birthday presents or stocking stuffers and no other supplies needed.

8. Duct Tape Wallet

Everyone usually has duct tape lying around. You can now find duct tape in all kinds of colors and patterns. What a better way to gift cash or a gift card then to make a duct tape wallet! Crafts by Amanda gives you step by step instructions {here}. Here is some cool {graffiti printed duct tape} from Amazon that would make a cool wallet.

9. Up, Up and Away!

Who wouldn’t love a helium, gift card or money-filled balloon as a gift? Check out Sugar and Charm’s instructions {here} on how to make this fun gift. You can purchase the clear, 16-inch balloons {here} from Amazon.

10. Play Dough

Nothing like replacing play dough with real dough! This came from the Unique Gifter {here}. Super easy concept of replacing the play dough in a Play Dough canister with real cash! You can purchase some play dough {here} from Amazon.