DIY Craft Paper Leaves

DIY Craft Paper Leaves

What do you do when you have a head cold, sore throat and are stuck inside on a cold, snowy day? Laundry? Absolutely not. You make Craft Paper Leaves to brighten up your home! These leaves are easy, but a little time-consuming. Pop in a good movie, hunker down with your craft supplies (including kleenex and cough drops) and whip these suckers out. I first saw these on Pinterest from Every Mom Ideas {here}. Since I had the time, I decided to make some for myself. They are eclectic, shabby chic and oh so cool. P.S. I promise you will not get my cold by reading this post!

craft leaves 9

craft leaves 11

What you will need:

craft leaves supplies


1. Cut out a card board leaf pattern. I used two different leaf patterns.

2. Stack two different patterned sheets of craft paper together (printed sides facing out) and trace the leaf patterns onto them. Cut through both sheets of paper so leaf pairs match up. I made about 40 pairs.

craft leaves Collage 1

3. Cut  5 inch floral wire stems for each of your pairs. I cut 40.

4. Add glue to both backs of the leaves in a pair. Place the wire stem on one leaf then place other leaf on top. Press firmly together and set aside to dry. Continue doing this for what may seem like forever (that’s why you are watching a movie).

Craft leaves Collage 2

5. Once you’ve made all your leaves and let them dry a bit, start attaching them to your branches in your vase.

6. Spread the colors and patterns around. Make some tight on the branches and make some spring out. Have fun with it because the end result is worth it! Enjoy!

craft leaves 14

craft leaves 13