10 Cool Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

10 Cool Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

One of the best moments in life, is when you tell your partner, family and friends that you are having a baby. Below is a list of 10 Cool Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy. Be creative and have fun with it. Please leave me a comment below on how you announced your baby bump!

 Announcing to Your Partner

1. Champion Lover Trophy

trophy pregnancy test

The way I announced my third and final pregnancy to my hubby was a “Champion Lover” trophy that said “Outstanding Performance” underneath with his name and the date.  I had purchased it in the summer on clearance off RedEnvelope.com. I was going to give it to my hubby on Valentine’s Day the next year, but once I found out I was pregnant in December, I thought I would give the trophy to him early to announce the good news. I put the pregnancy test in a baggie inside the trophy and wrapped it up in a box.  I gathered my other two boys and I handed my hubby the gift. He opened it and laughed at his manly trophy, but then saw the pregnancy test inside of it and shouted “Whoopie!”. He was very happy. The trophy is now in our kitchen and every time we see it we smile.

2. Bun in the Oven

I wish I would have thought of this one. Put a hamburger bun on the rack in your oven. Tell your partner that while you were trying to make dinner the oven was making a weird noise. Ask your partner to check it out. When they open the oven door they will see a bun sitting in the middle of the oven with a little sign on it that says, “We have a bun in the oven.”

3. Computer Wallpaper

If your partner is a computer or iPad junkie, change the wallpaper of their computer or iPad with clip art of a baby with “We’re Having a Baby” written across it. See how long it takes for them to notice.

4. Text Message

Take a picture of your pregnancy test and text it to your partner. Wait for it, wait for it…”OMG” will be the text back!

5. Grocery List

Call, email or text your partner with a list of grocery items you need them to pick up on their way home. Have the list include pregnancy craving items such as pickles, ice cream, cake, fresh veggies & fruit, decaf coffee, nonalcoholic beer, etc. If they haven’t figured it out once they get home, tell them you are just going to make pickles and ice cream for  dinner.

Announcing to Your Family & Friends

6. Family Picture

Organize a family gathering and decide you want a family picture. Once everyone is together, have your partner be the photographer and say, “On the count of three…one, two…Oh, by the way (your name) is pregnant!”  Have your partner take the picture to catch everyone’s surprised reactions.

7. Baby on Board Sign

Get a little sign that most people put in their car saying “Baby on Board” and put it somewhere in your house during a family gathering and see who can spot it first.

8. Baby Picture Frame

To announce your  pregnancy to immediate family and close friends, give each of them a baby picture frame with a note inserted into the frame saying “Baby picture coming June 23, 2013.”

9. Facebook Status

Post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, “Preheat oven 40 weeks. Insert bun. Set timer for January 28!” See how long it takes for your friends and family to respond.

10. T-shirt Advertising

Make or buy t-shirts for your other children that say Big Sister or Big Brother and have then wear them at your next family get-together. You could also make funny t-shirts for yourself and hubby to announce the upcoming arrival.

How did you tell your partner about your pregnancy? Did you do anything funny or romantic? Tell me, tell me! I love a good story.