12 Coolest Holiday School Party Games - Part 2

12 Coolest Holiday School Party Games – Part 2

Time to keep your kiddos busy and having fun during those Holiday/Winter/Christmas school parties again! To make your life a little easier, here are 12 of the Coolest Holiday School Party Games – Part 2.  With these easy, yet age-appropriate (preschool to 6th grade) games, your party will be a big hit. Don’t forget to check out the 12 Coolest Holiday School Party Games also. Enjoy!

Preschool, Kindergarten and 1st Grade

1. Snow Ball Bounce

What you will need:

  • Snowman Paddles (two paper plates with a snowman drawn on them with craft stick handles glued on) – 2 sets
  • Balloon

Directions: Divide kids into two teams. Have one player from each team start. Using snowman paddles (white paper plates with snowman face), the kids try to keep the snow ball (balloon) off the ground for one minute! When they are done, the next kids in line for each team get a turn and so on.

Originally from Dixie Delights {here}.

2. Ice Skating Relay

What you will need:

  • 2 paper plates for each child

Directions: Dividng children into two team. Make an obstacle course for the kids to “skate” around like around desks, trash can, stacked books on the floor. The first person of each team stands on a paper plate under each foot. When the leader says go, the children skate from the starting position, through the course to the finish line. Then the next person in line goes.

3. Gift Box Game

What you will need:

  • 1 large box (big enough a child can fit under) wrapped with a bow on top and the bottom taken out

Directions: Have children sit around the box while one child who is “it” leaves the group to hide his or her eyes or steps out of the room. Next choose someone from the group to hide under the box.  Have the person who is “it” come back and have them guess who is missing from the group…

Originally from Teach Preschool {here}.

4. Reindeer Toss

What you will need:

  • A box painted with a reindeer on the front and tree branches sticking out of the top
  • Rings from another ring toss game or make your own out of paper plates with the middles cut out

Directions: Have the kids line up several feet away from the reindeer. Let each child have two or three turns trying to get the rings on the reindeer antlers. Continue until everyone has had a turn.

Originally from Teach Polka Dot Firsties {here}.

2nd, 3rd and 4th Grades

5. Snowman Wrap Race

What you will need:

  • Toilet paper
  • 2 winter hats
  • 2 scarfs

Directions: Divide kids into two teams. Each team picks one person to be the snowman. In one minute, each team wraps their classmate in toilet paper and top with a scarf and hat to look like a snowman. Next person is the snowman and so on until everyone has had a turn.

Originally from Dixie Delights {here}.

6. Marshmallow Snowball Toss

What you will need:

  • 1-3 Bags of marshmallows (5 per child, depends on class size)

Directions: One of the easiest kid Christmas party games. Pair up the kids. Give each pair 10 marshmallows (5 each). Have them stand a few feet from each other. Each player tries to toss the marshmallows into his teammate’s mouth. The team that catches the most wins.

Originally from Coolest-Christmas-Holidays.com {here}.

7. Candy Cane Pick-up

What you will need:

  • 2-3 bags of mini candy canes
  • 2 buckets

Directions: Divide children into two teams. The first person of each team must drop as many candy canes into their bucket using only a candy cane in their mouth (no hands).Person who has the most candy canes in their bucket with in 60 seconds wins. Continue until all teams have participated.

Originally from Ministry to Children {here}.

8. Santa Running Game

What you  will need:

  • Print off two sets of the Santa template {here} and cut out

Directions: Divide kids into teams. Teams stand in lines at one end of the hall. The Santa pieces are placed at the other end of the hall (one set per team). Team members take turns running to the other end of the hall and take one Santa piece. The rest of the team tries to assemble the pieces. The first team with a completed Santa wins.

Originally from Ideas for Kids {here}.

5th and 6th Grades

9. Holiday Fortune Teller Telephone Pictionary

holiday telephone pictionary

What you will need:

  • Print off the instructions, fortune-teller template and pictionary worksheets {here}
  • Pencils

Directions: Print off the nifty PDF which  includes four kinds of origami fortune-tellers, easy-to-follow instructions for playing the game and worksheets for the kids. You supply the pencils.

Originally from Daily Candy {here}.

10. Melt the Ice-Cube

What you will need:

  • Ice cubes for each child
  • Towels or paper towels

Directions: Give each child an ice-cube. Have the players melt the ice-cube …but without putting it in their mouths! It’s fun to watch them breathe on it, sit on it, hold it in their hands. Don’t forget have towels ready for their cold wet hands.

Originally from Coolest-Christmas-Holidays.com {here}.

11. Holiday Card Cliffhanger

What you will need:

  • Inexpensive holiday cards (one per child)
  • Table

Directions: Using only their breath, students will attempt to blow a Holiday card, standing ‘tent-style,’ across the width of a table in 1 minute, getting it to hang over the edge for 3 seconds.

Originally from Four Five Six {here}.

12. Snowball Toss

What you will need:

  • A suspended wreath
  • A bucket
  • Bag of marshmallows

Directions: To toss the marshmallows, one at a time, through the wreath and land at least 10 in the bucket within 60 seconds.

Originally from Laughter and Love {here}.

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