American Royalty, Stephen Hopkins--My 9th Great Grandfather, A Mayflower Pilgrim

American Royalty, Stephen Hopkins–My 9th Great Grandfather, A Mayflower Pilgrim

I know I look like your typical suburban, Midwest mom living in a typical beige house, but I have a secret. I come from American royalty.

Through some genealogy work done by my mom’s best friend, we found out that my 9th great grandfather was Stephen Hopkins (1581 – 1644). Who is Stephen Hopkins? Let me tell you…(click on picture below to enlarge).

stephen hopkins infographic

I’m a sucker for history and this was such a cool, unexpected discovery. This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for Stephen Hopkins. I’m thankful that he made the voyage over to the New World, twice, and survived, because, if he hadn’t, my family wouldn’t be here.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Be safe, be merry and spread hugs throughout the land! Oh, and I forgot, God Bless America!

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