8 Cool Gifts For A Cool Dad--Part 3

8 Cool Gifts For A Cool Dad–Part 3

Is your dad so cool that he’s hard to buy for? I feel your pain, but never fear, I’m here with a great list of cool gifts that any dad would love. Make sure you also check out 8 Cool Gifts for a Cool Dad and 8 Cool Gifts for a Cool Dad–Part 2. Enjoy!

8 cool gifts for a cool dad part 3

For The Hairy Dad

1. USB Shave Tech Razor | Amazon.com, Shavetech.com

For the tech savvy, but hairy, dad-on-the-go, this sleek device plugs into a USB port for charging. The Shave Tech Razor is the size of a smart phone and one charge supplies 30 minutes of shave time. Now there is no excuse for an overgrown beard or ungroomed mustache.

For The Active Dad

2. Striiv Smart PedometerAmazon.com, Striiv.com

Now your dad can make walking to lunch, taking the stairs, and walking dogs a fun experience that motivates him to get fit. With no smart phone required, the Striiv Smart Pedometer designs personalized challenges tailored to your dad’s activity levels, and turns 10,000 steps a day into him playing a game, donating to charity, and competing with friends.

For The Kid-at-Heart Dad

3. Paper Airplane Conversion Kit | Amazon.com

The coolest dad on the block knows how to make really cool paper airplanes. With this clip-on motor and propeller he’ll be flying paper planes all the way to the next neighborhood.

For The Geek Dad

4. Loot Crate | LootCrate.com

Does your dad like to get his geek on? Then he’ll love a monthly subscription to Loot Crate. He can receive 6-8 epic geek and gamer items once a month through the multiple apps that pay you to play games. You can buy a 1 month ($13.37/mo + $6 S&H), 3 month ($12.37/mo + $6 S&H) or 6 month plan ($11.67/mo + $6 S&H). You can cancel anytime.

For The Baker Dad

5. Brownie Bar Maker | Amazon.com

Now your dad won’t have to fight over the crunchy corner piece because they are all corner pieces! The Brownie Bar Maker’s speedy design allows for cooking from start to finish in under 10 minutes. The energy-efficient design uses 25-percent less electricity than conventional ovens, which makes a happy dad.

For The Media Junkie Dad

6. Roku Streaming Box | Amazon.comRoku.com


Now your dad can get his favorite television shows, movies, and music from one simple source, The Roku Streaming box. This box wirelessly streams Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, and other channels to your TV or computer.

For The Giving Dad

7. The Life Tie Project | Thelifetie.com

Buy your dad a cool tie and help bring about real change in cancer research, prevention and patient care.

The Life Tie Project carefully selects a portfolio of partners each quarter. The selected organizations have the most potential to solve the challenge of cancer. To become a portfolio partner, organizations must show an established record of results, world-class patient care or the potential for developing groundbreaking treatment technology. With your help, we fund promising organizations that focus on the three areas that matter most: Research, prevention, patient care.

 For The Golfer Dad

8. Kooler Klub Drink Dispenser |  Amazon.com

Is your dad always golfing? If so, he probably gets pretty thirsty. With the Kooler Klub golf bag drink dispenser, he can keep hydrated on the green without lugging around a big cooler. It fits into most golf bags and looks like a regular golf club. The unit holds up to 48 ounces of your dad’s favorite beverage. It comes with a long-handled bottle brush for cleaning.