Traveling with Kids: How to Make 1 Hotel Bed Sleep 3 Kids

Traveling with Kids: How to Make 1 Hotel Bed Sleep 3 Kids

The world is made for a family of 4. From airplanes to compact cars to hotel rooms, it is much easier to travel if there is only 4 of you. Many families these days, however, are bigger. Over spring break, we go skiing in Colorado and bring my nephew with us…so that makes us a family of 6.

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Last year we hit a blizzard in Denver and had to stay the night in a hotel because the highway was closed. We only got one hotel room to save money. Most hotel rooms have two beds. Luckily enough, we stayed at an Aloft (one of our favorite, reasonably priced, family friendly hotels). Their rooms are roomier then most and have bigger beds. My hubby and I got one bed. My youngest, who was 7 at the time, got the ottoman…

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The three other boys got the other bed. How do you sleep them comfortably on one bed? Turn them horizontally! Yes, their feet my hang off the side if they are taller, but they are on a bed!

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I thought this  was genius. When we travel we always bring a couple sleeping bags incase someone ends up on the floor. No one wants to sleep on the floor, so this was a perfect solution. If your kids are like mine, they like to fight so I used the bolster throw pillows to section off their sleeping spaces. It worked out great and everyone got a good nights sleep.

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