DIY Duct Tape Pumpkin

DIY Duct Tape Pumpkin

Raise your hand if you are lazy? Raise your other hand if you don’t like to scrape the innards of pumpkins out to make jack-o-lanterns? Raise your third hand if you are an alien? Just making sure you are paying attention. Well, I’m one of those lazy crafters that doesn’t like to get my hands dirty with pumpkin slime, so I decided to decorate our pumpkin the no-carve way.

At my local craft store I bought one roll of glow-in-the-dark duct tape (the thin kind) and I also bought one roll of  silver glitter duct tape (the thin kind). I grabbed some thumb tacks and then bought a fat and heavy pumpkin from Aldi. I headed home and began my easy and fast masterpiece.

DIY Duct Tape Pumpkin collage

What you will need:


1. Wipe off your pumpkin with a damp paper towel then dry.

2. Start taping your design on your pumpkin. I did stripes because it was easiest. If you do stripes, alternate your colors. Make sure to really press your tape down.

duct tape pumpkin 2

duct tape pumpkin 3

3. Insert thumbtacks around the pumpkin stem base to cover up the beginning of your duct tape stripes.

duct tape pumpkin 6

4. That’s it! Set your pumpkin out on your porch and admire how crafty you can be without touching pumpkin slime. Yay for you!!!

duct tape pumpkin 7

P.S. I tried to take a picture of the pumpkin at night to show that it does glow-in-the-dark, but the photo didn’t work out…but it did GLOW!!! Enjoy!