It's Here! My New Children's Book, Tumbleweed Tina Cleans Her Room

It’s Here! My New Children’s Book, Tumbleweed Tina Cleans Her Room

Who’s that tumbling over there?

Crazy hair flying and  boots in the air?

Tumbleweed Tina! Tumbleweed Tina!

Tumbleweed Tina is EVERYWHERE!

Tumbleweed Tina has a lot of energy. Her mom wants her to clean her messy room, but Tina would rather play. If she doesn’t start cleaning soon, then she won’t get a treat. Join Tumbleweed Tina on her adventure of cleaning her room. Will she finally get that cookie?

It here! The new children’s book, Tumbleweed Tina Cleans Her Room, has decided to enter the world right before the Holidays! Now you can give her as a gift to all of your messy, energy-filled kiddos! Perfect for stockings. Perfect for grandkids, nephews, nieces, neighbors and students! Buy yours today!!

To purchase Tumbleweed Tina Cleans Her Room, go {HERE}!

tumbleweed tina Collage 3

Thanks to my amazing mom, Sharon Sullivan, who illustrated this book. She is a true rock star!

Meet the Author (Becca) and Illustrator (Sharon)

I had the pleasure of working with my mom, Sharon, on this book. I have always been creative. You could say I got it from my mom. Where I love words and design, she loves art and painting. We make a perfect pair. I have three boys and they give both of us a lot of material to pull from. We hope you and your little ones enjoy this book as much as my mom and I enjoyed creating it.

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Tumbleweed Tina Cleans Her Room Children's Book by Becca Wilkinson