Super Duper Detox Drink

Super Duper Detox Drink

Lately my consumption of diet soda has risen. I know, I know, it’s very bad for me so I need to stop. To help ween myself off the fizzy-juice-of-the-dark-side, and to maybe lose a little water weight in the process, I came up with what I like to call my Super Duper Detox Drink.

It’s like a yummy liquid salad.

I’ve been drinking it at least once or twice a day, 20-32 ounces per serving, for the last week and I feel great! I feel less bloated and have stopped my diet soda addiction…for now :). I hope it sticks.

super duper detox drink collage

What you will need:

Green tea is rich in catechins which are antioxidants that fight and may even prevent cell damage. Green Tea can help fight cancer, help lower cholesterol, help heart-related issues and stabilize blood sugar (

  • Orange and Lemons | 1 orange, 1-2 lemons: 

Packed with vitamin C, oranges and lemons can lower the risk of many diseases, help fight viruses and promote healthy skin ( oranges, lemons).

  • Mint leaves | 3-4 (optional)
  • Ice and water

Unfiltered apple cider vinegar is full of probiotics and other beneficial bacteria. It can support immune function, help with blood sugar and constipation. Never drink apple cider vinegar straight. It could harm your teeth enamel. Always dilute 1-2 Tbs in water or some other beverage (


1. Following the instructions on your tea, steep 4 bags of green tea bags in 20-32 ounces of hot water (not boiling water). You could just do it in normal tea/coffee cups then add extra water later. Let cool.

super duper detox drink 3

2. Fill your drinking containers with ice, about 1/4.

3. While your tea is steeping, slice 1 orange and 1-2 lemons (rinsing before you slice). Rinse and dry your mint leaves. Divide lemon and orange pieces in half and place in your two containers filled with ice. Add your mint leaves.

super duper detox drink 2

4. Fill each container with green tea. Add water if you need to.

5. Add 1 Tbs of unfiltered apple cider to each container. I’ve been drinking unfiltered apple cider vinegar for a while now, so I’m used to the taste. If it is no bueno for you, just add a small squirt of honey or agave nectar to offset the vinegar tang. Mix with a spoon.

super duper detox drink 6

Drink throughout the day. If I’m out and about and I’ve finished my Super Duper Detox drink, I will just refill with water and ice and keep the lemons and oranges in for a citrus flavored water beverage. You could even snack on your oranges and lemons when you finish for an even more vitamin C boost.

super duper detox drink 7.b

I hope this all-natural, Super Duper Detox Drink helps you like it has helped me. Please note though, if you have any kind of medical issues or food allergies, you should check with your doctor to make sure this drink is okay for you.

Happy no more soda and de-bloating!!