Fun Photo Ideas To Do with Your Kids Today!

Fun Photo Ideas To Do with Your Kids Today!

We all have cameras (aka. phones) with us all-day, every day. Remember, some of the best pics happen when your kids are not prepped, primped and looking all “model-y.” Let’s not worry about perfection–for once–and just take a fun photo! No coordinated wardrobe required. Who’s with me?

Fun Photo Ideas To Do With Your Kids Today Collage

1. Gimme some sugar!

Candy, sweets and childhood go together, am I right? I remember my grandmother giving me Necco wafers as I sat and waited for her at choir practice. She passed away before I turned 5, but I still think of her and smile every time I see a roll of Neccos in their waxed paper wrapper. I wish I had even one photo of me and her with the candy–how cool would that be? Take a pic of your sweetie with their favorite sweet treat, it might make a fun memory.

Fun Photo Ideas - Sweets

2. All I want for Christmas…

I LOVE when kids are missing teeth. Especially the 2 front ones. Yes, they do look a little back-woodsy with that messed up grill, but it is for such a brief time, you just gotta capture that face!

Fun Photo Ideas - teeth

3. Put your best foot forward!

I kinda have a thing for kids’ feet. Adult feet, not so much (ew). However, baby and kid feet are just cute, with or without shoes, the cuteness is there. Hurry and take a pic of those tootsies before they get yucky. 

Fun Photo Ideas - feet

4. I wanna hold your hand.

Holding hands make a great photo at just about any age. One of my favorite treasures is a photo of my daughter’s teeny baby hand in her late great-grandma Mabel’s fragile, but strong and wrinkly hand. So sweet.

Fun Photo Ideas - hands

5. Up close & personal.

To me, a great picture captures more than the outfit, the props or accessories. Usually, if a photo truly captures someone’s personality, it’s because you are drawn to look at their eyes. They say the eyes are the window to the soul, right? I say, okay, then the closer, the better! Don’t get all freaked out to “chop someone’s head off” in a picture to get a better view. In fact, for a well-composed close up, the eyes should be about 1/3 of the way down the pic, and 1/3 in from the side, so the very top of the head may need to be cropped out for balance. This is called “the rule of thirds” in photography land. Ask Google, I’m not making this up.

Fun Photo Ideas - close upOh yeah, get yourself in a pic or two…yes, I’m talking to you! “Yoga pants, pony tail, no make-up, exhausted” might be what you see, but your kids just see their one and only momma’s arms around them tight–even her eyes are “smiling” as she loves on her baby (no matter what age that “baby” is now)! Or, if you just cannot (or won’t!) do a close-up face pic, at least stack up your hands or line up your feet with your son or daughter or all of your kids and snap a fun photo today. We can do this!

Fun Photo Ideas - close up 2~Becky (Becca’s friend from 6th grade)

Need a new camera? I’ve got you covered! Check these beauties out!!!

Becky bioBecky Alfred has polka dots in every room of her house. Really. She spends her days picking up used band-aids and dirty clothes left behind by her 3 amazing red-headed kids she raises with her husband she met in 2nd grade. (Clarification: they did not get married until many, many years later.) In her spare time, she dabbles in photography, DIY graphic design, and being a pediatrician at an urgent care. Becky would rather shop for home décor than clothes, and would rather eat out than cook. Oh–and she never buys Kleenex unless she likes the box. Really.