10 Coolest DIY Halloween Couples Costumes -- Part 5

10 Coolest DIY Halloween Couples Costumes — Part 5

It’s that time of year again — time to get dressed up in something crazy!! Below are 10 Coolest DIY Halloween Couples Costumes — Part 5. Any of these costumes will help you and your costume cohort win the grand prize at the costume contest this year!! I’ve got my eye on the Whip and Nae Nae costume!! Enjoy!

10 Coolest DIY Halloween Couples Costumes part 5 Collage

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1. Rock Climbing Costume | Costume Works

Rock Climbing Wall Couples Costume

Supplies for these costumes: Rock climbing holds, rock climbing harness

2. Game of Thrones, Jon Snow and Ygritte Costume | Mashable

Game of Thrones, Jon Snow and Ygritte

Supplies for these costumes: Black fur cape, black leather vest, ivory fur jacket, brown fur vest, brown fur leg warmers

3. Jack and Jill Costume | Brit + Co

Jack and Jill Costume

Supplies for these costumes: White retro apron, stretch gauze bandages, pail, men’s suspenders

4. Buddy the Elf and Girlfriend Costume | The House of Cornwall

Buddy the Elf and Girlfriend

Supplies for these costumes: Elf ears, red elf shoes, red elf hatwomen’s red tights, pink dressgreen elf shoesgreen elf hat, men’s yellow tights, men’s elf t-shirt

5. Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty | via Pinterest: Ashley Rosko

Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty

Supplies for these costumes: Uncle Sam hat, men’s American flag shortsStatue of Liberty tiara, torch, green dress

6. Whip and Nae Nae Costume | Costume Works

Whip and Nae Nae Costume

Supplies for these costumes: Blue spray paintcraft paint, horse head mask

7. Mr. Clean and Molly the Maid Costumes | Charleston Moms Blog

Mr. Clean and Molly Main Costume

Supplies for these costumes: Mr. Clean t-shirt, white eyebrows and beard, yellow apron, duster

8. Pop Art Costume | via Imgur: beautybyjosiek

Pop Art Costume

Supplies for these costumes: Face paint, yellow wig, men’s black short wig

9. 80s Workout Couple Costume | Mode

80s Workout Couple Costume

Supplies for these costumes: Afro wig, men’s tank top, men’s short gym short, women’s 80s wig, leg warmers

10. Netflix and Chill Costume | via Instagram: kaitbenetz

Netflix and Chill Costume

Supplies for these costumes: Women’s Netflix t-shirt, women’s plaid sleep pants,  men’s Netflix t-shirt, men’s plaid sleep pants