Ladybug Band -- Great Interactive Storybook App Just in time for Easter!!

Ladybug Band — Great Interactive Storybook App Just in time for Easter!!

Ladybug Band by Rain Boot Media, LLC, is not just your ordinary storybook. This is a rhyming storybook app that pulls your child in with its catchy island music, colorful illustrations and interactive touches that keep your little one engaged and coming back for more.

This blog post was sponsored by Rain Boot Media, LLC. I was given a free download of Ladybug Band for my honest review of this children’s storybook app.  All opinions are 100% my own, as always.

Let’s be honest, kids these days are pretty sophisticated when it comes to technology and this app packs a lot of kid-friendly technology into its pages. This interactive storybook not only tells a cute story of the Ladybug Band performing on the island of Kacha, but let’s your child choose to read by themselves or read along with narration.

With cool beachy sounds, kids can make a coconut drop, flap Squiggle’s wings, shake leaves, make the waves break and the fish jump, and even draw in the sand just to name a few.

But wait for it….

The most exciting activity that your child can do with this app is record with the Ladybug Band! Kids get to choose to be one of the four band members: Squiggle on the microphone, Bouncer on the strings, Dotley on the drums and Cheeks on the reeds. They can record themselves signing or playing one of the instruments and save up to 6 recordings on the app–deleting recordings when they want to add more. 

The cost of the app is only $1.99, for ages 2-7 years. A perfect gift for Easter, birthdays or for an upcoming trip. Ladybug Band will give kids, and maybe some moms (wink, wink), hours of fun and educational entertainment guaranteed!!