10 Reasons Why I'm Enjoying Quarantine 2020

10 Reasons Why I’m Enjoying Quarantine 2020

1. Shaving my legs or plucking my chin hairs are not as important to me. I try to do this every Friday during Quarantine, but…

2. PJ’s, jammies, leggings, sweatshirts, baseball hats, the same outfit for 3 days is acceptable.

3. With no schedule, evening activities (ie. soccer or basketball practices) I actually enjoy planning and cooking dinner…sort of.

4. With no more teaching at the gym and little free-lance web content work coming in, I have more time to work on my blog. I just did a fresh re-vamp. You can check it out here: Cul-de-sac Cool

5. I’m enjoying Quarantine because I have all my boys (3) and my hubby here with me. If you can imagine; a house filled with competitive fighting during any game, shoes everywhere, books and laptops on every surface, weights here and there, dishes, glasses, smiles and love. Oh, and every seat up on every toilet in the house. These are my people and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else, but with them. PUT YOUR DISHES IN THE FREAKIN DISHWASHER!!!

6. Sleeping in. 

7. Rediscovering your neighborhood and your neighbors (at a distance). Walks everyday. Chats at a distance. Nice comments yelled across yards and streets. Just tonight Bob (in his 70s) pulled out his drum set on his driveway and played several sets. GO BOB!!!

8. Binging any form of media is okay. So is binging any form of comfort food. Happy hour has a new meaning. 

9. Showers are optional. 

10. I’m enjoying Quarantine because it has helped me to find the silver lining in tough times. I’ve known tough times before. This is scary and ever-changing, but one thing I do know, as Americans and as humans we are resilient. We are badass. We rise to the challenge. We are kind and giving warriors. We think of others, we protect others. We have empathy and we do what we have to (social distancing) to protect our most vulnerable. But this virus doesn’t discriminate. It can attack healthy and sick. That is why we all have to be good family members, friends, neighbors and co-workers. We need to stay home. We need to wash our hands and not touch our faces. We need to see the silver lining in this crazy time. Positive thoughts and actions can change the world. 

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