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From the quirky and funny to the useful and helpful, I hope you enjoy these FREE Printables! If there is something you are needing and you aren’t finding it here, please let me know. I’m always looking for new ideas. Either leave a comment or send me a message {HERE}. Thanks!



College/Dorm Life

Gift Tags




Kid Stuff


Luggage Tags


Terms & Conditions

Cul-de-sac Cool’s printable PDF and JPG files are free for personal and small classroom use only and I hope you enjoy using them! For these uses, you can print the pages as many times as you like. I’m happy if you wish to share my downloads but please link to Cul-de-sac Cool’s webpages and do not link to the pdf or jpg files directly or host the files on your websites or blogs. Thanks.

All artwork remains the copyright of Any commercial redistribution or resale of the original file or of the printed results is strictly prohibited. Please download the files ONLY if you agree with the above terms of use. Thank you!

4 Responses

  1. Erica
    Erica / 9-28-2014 / ·

    I love your gift tags for unchapped lips/warm hands & cute & cozy toes. Is there any way you could make one I could use for hand lotion? I am giving Mary Kay’s berry hand lotion & mint hand lotion for christmas to teachers/co-workers, & I need a cute tag like the ones you’ve made!

    1. Becca
      Becca / 9-29-2014 / ·

      I’m glad you like the tags! I will keep this in mind when I’m planning more printables and see if I have time to make some gift tags for lotion. Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!!

  2. patti
    patti / 9-15-2019 / ·

    i have been on your site for an hour cant seem to find how to print labels . keeps taking me back to the same place

    1. Becca
      Becca / 9-15-2019 / ·

      Hi Patti! Sorry you are having trouble. Which labels are you trying to print?

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