Fiber Art Gallery

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Below are examples of past and present wall hangings from Cul-de-sac Cool. To see what is available for purchase, please visit my Etsy Shop! Interested in a CUSTOM PIECE? Check out my Custom Commissions.

XLarge Woven Wall Hangings: 31″ wide X 36″ long (sizes may vary)

Large Woven Wall Hangings: 24″ wide X 24″ long (sizes may vary)

XMedium Woven Wall Hangings: 18″ wide X up to 24″ long (sizes may vary)

Medium Woven Wall Hangings: 15″ wide X 20″ long (sizes may vary)

Small Woven Wall Hangings: 12″ wide X up to 18″ long (sizes may vary)

To purchase, visit CuldesacCool on

Want a custom piece? Visit Custom Commissions!