My Tooth is Loose!

Join one boy’s adventure of losing his first tooth. Will it fall out while he’s eating corn-on-the-cob? Will the Tooth Fairy visit? Sometimes growing up can be scary, but fun! 

Preschool to 100-years-young.

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Meet the Author and Illustrator

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I had the pleasure of working with my mom, Sharon, on this book. I have always been creative. You could say I got it from my mom. Where I love words and design, she loves art and painting. We make a perfect pair. I have three boys and they give both of us a lot of material to pull from. We hope you and your little ones enjoy this book as much as my mom and I enjoyed creating it.

Praise for My Tooth is Loose!

This is the cutest book ever. I think every child, parent or grandparent should have it in their library. It makes loosing a tooth fun. The illustrations are so creative and are perfect for each page. This mother and daughter team should not stop now, I would like to see more books by them in the future.
— Judy from Amazon

Delightful and sweet. My kids loved reading along with this book. They can’t wait to lose their teeth now!
— Stacey

Free Printables & Projects

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DIY Tooth Fairy Thank You Card
DIY Tooth Fairy Basket
3 DIY Printable Worksheets: My Tooth is Loose!

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