Priceless Moments while Doing Laundry

Priceless Moments while Doing Laundry

The Hubby and I ventured off on a macro date to sunny California. We had a wonderful time seeing our friends and spending some quality time together. Once I get away from the kids and stop worry about them, I’m able to let go and enjoy myself. When they were younger, it was harder, but now that they are a little older, letting go is easier. This is how it is, isn’t? You love them, grow them, then slowly teach them how to leave the nest, but, I guess I was the one leaving the nest this time. Moms need to leave the nest now and then to be able to come back rested and ready to tackle the worm fetching and feather dusting. It’s interesting the conversations and priceless moments you have with your kids once you get back from a trip…good fodder for a blog.

EB, 6:¬†Picture him jumping around doing various karate poses and kicks while talking to me as I fold laundry. “Mom, I figured out last week what I want to be when I grow up. I still want to be a professional soccer player, but I also want to be an inventor. You know, I have a good imagination. I want to invent a hologram wrist watch. It would come in all colors. When you play soccer video games on it you can actually huddle with the team….” He goes on and on and on…priceless.

CH, 11: While doing laundry, I pulled out a piece of notebook paper from CH’s soccer pants he wore to school. These folded up sheets of paper are little found treasures. I love when I find them. CH’s hasty written note was titled, “Thomas Jefferson” and read, “Nice job writing the Declaration of Independence, but the part ‘all men are made equal’ really stands out. I think it is very descriptive. You are my favorite president. I mean, you’re lucky number three!”…priceless.

P, 12 almost 13: Played some soccer in our backyard with his dad after practice then came in and said, “I’m so glad you came home, Mom. I was running out of clean clothes!”…priceless.

Sometimes it takes a trip away to make all the little moments seem special. Thanks, boys, for reminding me why I love being your mom, entertaining me while I do laundry and making my life…priceless.