DIY Holiday Flat Stanley Ornaments

DIY Holiday Flat Stanley Ornaments

Who are those flat kids looking so funny, festive and cool? Each year I make an ornament for my kids with their picture on it. I’ve just completed this year’s ornaments and wanted to share.  Flat Stanley was my inspiration. Enjoy!

What you will need:


1. Take a picture of your kids lying down on the floor with their arms and legs bent  at different angles. Have the pictures developed as 5x7s. Next, coat the front and back of each of your pictures with Mod Podge. Let dry. This is to strengthen and protect the ornament.

2. Once dry, cut out your pictures.

3. Lay them all together and giggle. They really do look like they were run over!

4. Next, cut “off” the legs, arms and head. You can discard the body because the note card will become the body.

5. Insert a brad clip into a top corner of the notecard to secure an arm. Once the brad is through the note card and arm, close the brad by bending the tongs down like a butterfly.

6. Do this for each corner so both arms and legs are connected to the note card.

7. Next, glue your head to the front, top of the note card.

8. Attach your ribbon to the back using the brad clips and write the year on the back.

9. Sit back and enjoy your funny, festive and cool DIY Holiday Flat Stanley Ornaments!

Flat Stanley: His Original Adventure!