12 Coolest Valentine's Day School Party Games

12 Coolest Valentine’s Day School Party Games

Party time again?! Yep. I’ve scoured the internet for some party game ideas and came up with some cool Valentine’s Day games of my own. These 12 Coolest Valentine’s Day School Party Games will make everyone fall in love from Pre-school to 6th grade. Happy planning and remember that chocolate is a party planners best friend (bribes always welcome). Enjoy!


1. Pin the Lips on Mrs. Valentine (She really wants a kiss!)

Mrs. Valentine

What you will need:

Mrs. Valentin

Directions: Download and print file on card stock. Cut out Mrs. Valentine’s lips. On a poster board, draw the head and face for Mrs. Valentine leaving off her mouth. To play the game, place the Mrs. Valentine Poster on the chalk/white board or tape it to a wall. Put tape on the back of each of the lips, enough for each child to take a turn. Have kids line up. First child gets blindfolded and then tries to pin the lips on Mrs. Valentine. Take the blindfold off so the child can see where they pinned Mrs. Valentine’s lips and have the next child go. Continue until everyone has a turn. Be prepared for giggles!

2. Who Do You Love?

What you will need:

  • One chair for every child, minus one. (if there are 15 kids, use 14 chairs)

Directions: Arrange the chairs in a circle so that the seats are facing inside. The player who is “it” stands in the center of the circle, and the other kids sit in the chairs facing her. The “it” approaches one of the seated children and says, “Who do you love?” The player who is approached must come up with an answer, such as “I love everyone wearing pink” or “I love everyone who has a dog,” and then anyone wearing pink or who has a pet dog must stand up and scramble to find a new seat. Players cannot shift to the seat next to them, should it become vacant. They must move at least two chairs away from their original spot. In the meantime, “it” should try to sit down in one of the vacant chairs. Once everyone finds a spot, the one player left standing becomes the new “it” and must then approach a seated player and ask, “Who do you love?” There’s no definitive end to the game and no winner. Repeat it as long as the children are having fun. Tips: As you explain the instructions, be sure to tell the kids that pushing and shoving or pulling players out of their chairs isn’t allowed. Use sturdy chairs and not ones that fold. Originally from About.com {here}.

3. Blinded by Love

What you will need:

  • Chalkboard or Whiteboard
  • 3-4 Blindfolds

Directions: Have three or four children go up to the chalkboard at once. Blindfold each child, and hand each a piece of chalk. Ask each child to draw a heart on the chalkboard. The children will have fun laughing with each other when they see the silly shapes they’ve actually drawn. Take more turns trying to draw other Valentine theme objects like a flower, a puppy, candy etc. Originally from BirthdayInABox.com {here}.

4. Heart Hop

What you will need:

  • Heart for each child with instruction written on one side.
  • Instructions might include: Hop like a bunny, walk like a crab, zombie walk, skip, walk backwards, twirl etc.

Directions: Children divide into two teams. Put the hearts at the end of the room in two piles. On your mark the first child on each team runs to the pile, takes a heart and does what the heart says, while returning to their team, then sits down. The next team member then runs to the pile…etc. The first team to be sitting down wins. Originally from Kaboose.com {here}.


5. Candy Relay

What you will need:

  • Two Pairs of Mittens
  • Bag of Wrapped Candy

Directions: Make two equal teams. Have the members of each team line up, one behind the other. Give the first player in each line a pair of mittens to put on. Give every player a piece of wrapped candy. When you say, “Go,” the players with the mittens must try to unwrap their candy as fast as possible. Once a player has unwrapped his/her candy, he/she must eat it, and then pass the mittens to the next player in line. Play continues until every player in line has successfully unwrapped and eaten their candy. The first team to finish wins the game. Originally from BirthdayInABox.com {here}.

6. Valentine’s Day Wack-a-Dooble MadLip

What you will need:

Valentine Madlip

Directions: Have the children partner up. Hand one partner the Silly Valentine Day Letter. Without reading the letter, have the first partner ask their partner to tell them a word to fill in the blank. Once the blanks are filled, have the kids read the letter aloud. Giggles are mandatory!

7. Breathless

What you will need:

  • Several Sheets of Pink and Red Tissue Paper
  • A Pack of Straight Straws (non-bendable)
  • A Few Small Plastic Bags (2 per team)
  • Scissors

Directions: Cut out small, tissue paper hearts. Cut straws into 2″ or 3″ sections. You will need at least one straw and one paper heart for each child. Divide the class into even teams, preferably with 4 to 6 children on each one. Have each team line up one behind the other.Hand each player a straw. For each team, fill a plastic bag with tissue paper hearts (1 heart per player); give a filled bag to the first player in each line. Give the last player in each line an empty bag. When you say, “Go,” the first player in each line must take a heart out of the bag using only their straw and the suction of their breath, and pass the heart to the next person in line. The heart can only be transferred from straw to straw by suction. When the heart gets to the last player in line, he/she drops it into the empty bag. Play continues until one team passes all of its hearts down the line, winning the game. Originally from BirthdayInABox.com {here}.

8. Funny Valentine

What you will need:

  • Paper and pencil for each person

Directions: One person is selected as the leader (who remains out of the game) all players then get into a circle and each is given a piece of paper to write a silly thing to do without letting others see what they have written (e.g. Bark like a dog, sing a song, dance silly). Each player then folds their paper up so that the contents cannot be seen. On the leaders command players then start to pass the pieces of paper around the circle waiting for the command to stop. When this happens two people are chosen to carry out the instructions on the pieces of paper they have, without laughing. Those who laugh are out. Repeat until only two people left. Originally from FunAndGames.org and adapted from the game Silly Scrumple {here}.


9. Sweet Tooth

What you will need:

  • 2 big bowls (one for each team)
  • Straws for each team member
  • Several bags of conversation hearts candy
  • Cups for each team member

Directions: Divide children into two teams. Pour one bag of  hearts into each of the team’s big bowls. Hand out straws and cups to each member. On the start they all must try to collect as many conversation hearts as they can from their team’s bowl into their cups, but they CAN’T touch them with their hands.  They must suck them onto their straws and transport the skittles to their cups without dropping them.  Have their cups lined up at another table to make the challenge harder (and funnier).  Team who empties their big bowl first wins. After the game everyone can eat their winnings! Adapted from Queen-of-theme-party-games.com {here}.

10. Valentine’s Day Left/Right Game Story

What you will need:

Valentine LEFT/RIGHT Game Story

Directions: Wrap several prizes. Have kids sit in a circle. Hand several wrapped prizes to kids in the circle. The leader reads the story. Every time the kids hear LEFT in the story, they pass the prize to the LEFT. Every time they hear RIGHT in the story, they pass the prize to the RIGHT. Whoever is holding a prize when the story finishes, that person gets the prize! Read the story a few more times starting with new kids and new prizes or break the story up into sections. Enjoy!

11. Telegrams

What you will need:

  • Paper
  • Pencils

Directions: This is a hilarious party game that requires some quick thinking. Issue each person with a pencil and paper. Players then call out letters in turn (up to about fifteen) which everyone writes down. The aim of the game is to use those letters in the order written down to make a sentence with each letter being the start of a word. After one minute each player reads out his sentence and the one judged to be the funniest is the winner. It’s much more fun if players can include the names of the guests. Originally from Kids-PartyCabin.com {here}.

12. Marshmallow Ball 

What you will need:

  • Bags of mini marshmallows for each child (you can make your own bags by filling sandwich bags with marshmallows).

Directions: The object of the game is to get as many marshmallows into your partners mouth from across the room. Everyone pairs up and one person from each team is designated the tosser the other is the catcher. Each tosser gets a bag full of marshmallows. Divide the tossers and catchers at least five feet apart. Have the tossers on one side and the catchers on the other. On the start of go the tossers try to land as many marshmallows as they can into their partners mouth. Switch places, tosser becomes catcher and catcher  becomes tosser so everyone has a turn. Originally from Queen-of-theme-party-games.com {here}.