Mom Bathroom Wanted

Mom Bathroom Wanted

There is an odor coming from our bathroom off the kitchen. It is a new odor. I’m used to funky smells. I live with 3 boys and one boy-man. These “boys” have lots of unfriendly smells coming off of them. I sort of claim the kitchen bathroom as my bathroom. It is close to where I am usually and is cute and cheery. The other three bathrooms around the house are used much more by the “boys,” so I don’t go near them. You never know what you are going to see, smell or sit on in those bathrooms.

A couple of weeks ago, while in “my” bathroom, I noticed an odor back by the toilet. It smelled like a mixture of pee and boy. Using my good mommy detective skills, I figured out who was causing the smell, but how do I get rid of it? I had just cleaned the bathroom so why would it smell? I mentioned the smell to my sister. She was over one day and said, “I smelled it. Your bathroom does stink.” So now I knew it was not just me that smells it. I had asked my husband to see if he smelled something funky in that bathroom. He couldn’t smell anything. Just like with hearing, moms have good noses, dads don’t.

bathroom pic

So what do I do now? I’ve cleaned the toilet, the floors around the toilet and the walls. I can’t sell my kids. I can’t build a new bathroom. I turned to Pinterest to see if she can fix my problem. I’m interested in this post I found on Ask Anna: My Bathroom Smells: Getting Rid of that Boy Bathroom Smell. Once I follow these directions, I’ll let you know if it worked.

In the meantime, I’m banning all male beings from using this bathroom. I want my Mom Bathroom back. Maybe if it is just a mom bathroom it will slowly begin to smell like roses and cinnamon rolls…because moms smell sweet at all times.

Check out some of these bathroom deodorizer options…I will try anything at this point!:
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