DIY Photo {Waterless} Snow Globe Ornament

DIY Photo {Waterless} Snow Globe Ornament

Who doesn’t love a snow globe? Every year I make a photo ornament for my kids and nephews. I first saw this Photo Snow Globe Ornament on Pinterest from and I had to make it. Their snow globe was made using corn syrup and water, but I wanted my snow globes to last throughout the years, so I decided to make mine waterless. The “snow” part of the ornament is tiny cotton balls made from normal cotton balls and glitter. The “globe” part of this ornament is a mini liquor bottle, like the kind you get on an airplane. You can also find them at your local liquor store. These bottles are perfect because they are plastic and light. If you aren’t wanting to partake in libations, you can order some of these bottles, Mini Empty Plastic Liquor Bottles, from Amazon, and skip the hangover. I need to make 10 of these so put your elf hat on, a smile on your face and keep your hiccups to yourself. Let’s get cracking!

diy photo waterless snow globe 7

What you will need:

diy photo waterless snow globe 1


1. Empty out the liquor bottles anyway you see fit :). Peel the labels off. Clean off the sticky residue with Goo Gone.

diy photo waterless snow globe 2

2. Tear apart cotton balls into to tiny mini cotton balls. Enough to fill the bottom of your bottle. Insert your snow balls into your bottle.

diy photo waterless snow globe 4

3. Add some glitter into your bottles. I used gold glitter.

diy photo waterless snow globe 5

4. Measure your bottle’s width and height, then pull your photo’s into a word processing program or photo editing program on your computer to make the correct size. Print off on your home printer and cut your photos to fit into the bottle. You could also have your pictures printed at a photo center and skip step #5. Printed photos, however, might be harder to roll to fit into your bottle.

5. To make your photo last longer over the years, cover it completely with packing tape. Make sure it is completely sealed and trim off the extra tape.

diy photo waterless snow globe 3

6. Roll the photo up small enough to fit into the neck of the bottle. Bending it around a pencil helps. Insert the rolled-up photo into the bottle. The photo should flatten out on its own, but if it doesn’t, use the end of the pencil to poke it back into shape.

diy photo waterless snow globe 6

7. Make some cute yarn pompoms to tie around the top of your bottle. Radical has an easy tutorial to follow:

8. Tie your yarn around the cap along with the pompoms. Add any embellishments you would like.

diy photo waterless snow globe 8

9. Hang on your tree and admire the most awesome DIY Snow Globe Ornament you have ever made…and then sleep it off!

diy photo waterless snow globe cover