DIY Small Dog Sweater

DIY Small Dog Sweater

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I made a new sweater for our fashionista puppy, Gigi. I wrote about it over at Redefined Mom…

Baby, it’s cold outside, so you better make a cute sweater for your little puppy dog. No, you don’t need to know how to knit and you don’t need to buy a loom. All you need is an old sweater. If you don’t have an old sweater then borrow one from your hubby, you know, the one with the holes in it that he refuses to get rid of since college? If he’s not letting you have that one, then go buy a cheap, used one at your local thrift store. Now, to make this sweater, your dog needs to be small. My dog, Gigi, is about 8 pounds and about 12-14 inches long in the body. Perfect size for this easy sweater. Also, when choosing a sweater, make sure it is not too itchy…

To read more and see the full instructions, please pop on over to Redefined Mom {HERE}, and check it out!

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