10 DIY Coolest Kid Valentine's Day Cards

10 DIY Coolest Kid Valentine’s Day Cards

Are you tired of those boxed Valentine’s Day cards for your kid’s school party? Then check out these easy 10 DIY Coolest Kid Valentine’s Day Cards. They have simple instructions and most have free printables. Enjoy!

1. Heartbreaker Valentines | Made

2. Loom Bracelet Valentine | Thirty Handmade Days

3. Nerdy Valentines |  No Biggie

4. Minecraft Valentines | Club Chica Circle

5. Applesauce Squeezer Valentine | Temecula Qponer

6. Gumball Valentine | Living With Three Moon Babies

7. Soda Valentine | Moms Review 4 You 

8. Paper Airplane Valentine | No Biggie

9. Popcorn Valentine | Keeping My Cents

10. Udderly Moooved Milk Valentine | Cul-de-sac Cool

DIY Printable Udderly Moooved Milk Valentine's Day Cards 1