DIY Bead Lampshade

DIY Bead Lampshade

Do you want to add some cool magic to a tired lamp? I had a big bag of woods beads from my mom and some old jewelry wire–a perfect start to something cool, funky and absolutely adorable…a DIY Bead Lampshade. This lampshade would look great in a little girls room, a funky craft room or laundry room or even in an office or hallway. It was super easy, and totally cute. You have to make one!

DIY bead lampshade 15

What you will need:

  • Lamp base
  • Old lamp shade (or new)
  • Wire
  • Wood beads
  • Wire cutters / scissors

DIY bead lampshade 2


1. To begin, take the fabric off of an old lampshade leaving just the wire frame.

DIY bead lampshade 3

DIY bead lampshade 4

2. Measure how long each wire needs to be. My wire lengths were between 10 and 12 inches long. Begin to string beads onto your wire. Start with your anchor bead by wrapping the wire in and around it, then twisting the wire together at the top. Add your other beads, leaving enough wire at the top to affix the bead string to your lampshade frame.

DIY bead lampshade 5

DIY bead lampshade 6

diy bead lampshade 8

DIY bead lampshade 9

 3. After you’ve made your strings of wired beads, begin to attach to the lampshade frame. I alternated mine between longer strings and shorter strings all the way around the lampshade.

DIY bead lampshade 10

 4. Once the bead strings are attached, cut the extra wire off the tops of each bead string.

DIY bead lampshade 11

5. Here is the finished product. Isn’t it adorable?!

DIY bead lampshade 12

Diy bead lampshade collage