5 Cool DIY Graduation Announcements

5 Cool DIY Graduation Announcements

It’s time to take that traditional graduation announcement and revamp it into something cool. People want modern and unique announcements–announcements that get seen and looked at instead of tossed into a pile of junk mail. In fact, you don’t even have to print and mail your announcements. These days, more and more people are emailing and posting their graduation announcements to reach more of their friends and family and save some trees in the process. Below are 5 Cool DIY Graduation Announcements that are full of great ideas. Good luck choosing and happy graduation!!

5 Cool DIY Graduation Announcements Collage

1. DIY Graduation Announcement Infographic | ME!…Cul-de-sac Cool

I made a graduation announcement infographic for my nephew. It was fun gathering all the facts–some serious and informative, others weird and funny. After you mail, email or post your infographic, you could print and frame it to set out for your graduation party or hang it on the wall to remember this moment in time.

graduation anouncement infographic example

2.  DIY Photo Map Graduation AnnouncementBlaire Crutchley via Pinterest

I saw this on Pinterest and thought it was an easy and unique idea. Take a picture of your grad behind a hand drawn map  showing where they will be going to school. You could write other cute notes around the grad. Notice, she is wearing a t-shirt from her new college!

3. Smart Cookie Graduation Announcement | Love the Day

This is such an adorable announcement/invitation. This would be easy to stage. Get your camera out. Bake some cookies. Have a little “Smart Cookie” photo shoot. Upload your pictures to Picmonkey.com on your computer and make a collage. Get prints made of your announcement/invite or just email it out.

4. Free Photoshop Graduation Party/Announcement Templates–Magazine Style | iheartfaces

With these templates, now your grad can be on the cover of their own GRAD magazine! Super cute idea, but you must have Photoshop. 

5. Drive-In Theater Graduation Announcement Photo | L.O Imijri Photography and Design via Pinterest

I thought this was simple and superb! Find an old marquee sign and take a picture next to it. At home, using Photoshop or Picmonkey.com, insert your text onto the picture. Super cool!