10 Reasons I Love Family Vacation

10 Reasons I Love Family Vacation

We recently got back from our summer family vacation. Here are 10 Reasons I Love Family Vacation…

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  1. I love family vacation because of the endless photo sessions we take with my photography-loving hubby (sarcasm). The kids moan and groan, but in the end we love all of the pics and fight over who gets to post which photo first.
  2. I love that family vacation forces us to be adventurous–like swimming with huge, yet gentle, yet pushing sting rays, while holding my youngest as he squeezes me so hard with his legs from fear that I might pass out.
  3. I love family vacation because during each activity there is a blessed 5 minutes when everyone is having fun and no one is fighting–yes, you heard me right, 5 minutes.
  4. I love that during each of our family vacations we make up new vocabulary (ie. Linner: A late lunch and early dinner together). However, between mine and my sister’s boys, linner always backfired. We had to feed them dinner after linner…then an after dinner snack…then a before bedtime snack…etc.
  5. I love that during family vacation, a deck of cards is brought out and the games and insults begin (see number 3 above).
  6. I love family vacation because I get a break from driving carpool, my hubby gets a break from constant meetings and my boys get a break from me nagging them to clean their gross bathroom.
  7. I love that during family vacation I’m able to observe other families on their vacation barking at each other. It shows me that no family is perfect and that we all can get annoyed with each other in between the 5 minutes of fun times (see number 3 above).
  8. I love that family vacation is not a monthly occasion. It’s kind of exhausting.
  9. I love family vacation because when I finally get home, my house seems new, fresh and sort of clean (until I wake up the next day and realize I must have had jet lag the night before which made my vision blurry).
  10. I love family vacation most because through the ups and downs of travel, I realize how great I have it and how truly blessed I am to have my crazy, loving family.

I wouldn’t trade any of it (or any of them). XO!

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family vaca pic

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