DIY Snowman Kit in a Jar with Free Printable Tag - Great Neighbor Gift, Teacher Gift, Stocking Stuffer

DIY Snowman Kit in a Jar with Free Printable Tag – Great Neighbor Gift, Teacher Gift, Stocking Stuffer

Do you want to build a snowman? Now you can, easily, with this DIY Snowman Kit in a Jar. It comes with free printable tags and is perfect to give as a stocking stuffer, teacher gift, neighbor gift or hostess gift this holiday season. The kit is made up of black beads for eyes, a mouth and buttons. It also has a carrot nose, scarf and ear muffs — everything you need to make a cool and swanky snowman. This kit is guaranteed to make anyone smile and warm their hearts while they build a snowman. 

diy snowman kit with free printable tag

What you will need:

diy snowman kit supplies

DIY Snowman Kit Printable Tag Instructions:

1. First, download this 8×11 JPEG file {click on picture and save to your computer}.

DIY Printable Snowman Kit Tags

2. Upload file to a photo center like or and order prints. Once you get your prints, cut your tags out.


3. Download this 8×11 PDF file {DIY Printable Snowman Kit Tags}. Print on card stock at home and cut tags out.

Felt Carrot Nose Instructions for DIY Snowman Kit:

DIY Snowman Kit Felt Carrot Nose Collage

1. Cut a square out of your orange craft felt.

2. Fold over to make your carrot nose shape and hot glue down.

3. Trim the extra felt off.

4. Stuff with your Poly-fil.

5. Cut a small hole at the felt flap at widest end of the carrot for your wood match stick.

6. Hot glue down the felt flap.

7. Add hot glue to the hole, then add your wood match stick.

8. Let dry. You now have a carrot nose!

Instructions for DIY Snowman Kit:

diy snowman kit with free printable tags cover 1.b

Now that you have your tags and carrot nose made, it’s time to start putting your kit together!

1. First count out 12 vase filler black glass beads. I used 2 for eyes, 7 for his smile and 3 for buttons — 12 beads total. Add beads to the bottom of your mason jar.

diy snowman kit glass beads

2. Next add your felt carrot nose (see instructions on how to make above).

diy snowman kit  nose

3. Finally, add your scarf. I bought mine at The Dollar Store for a dollar. You can also make a scarf using red felt or fleece fabric. Make sure your scarf is thin so it will fit in your jar.

diy snowman kit scarf

4. Put your lid on. Using a ribbon, tie around your jar and add your tag.

diy snowman kit ribbon & tag

5. The last step is to attach your ear muffs to the outside of your jar. Too make sure the ear muffs stay in place, scotch tape them to your jar lid.

diy snowman kit earmuffs

You now have an adorable, interactive and fun gift to give to anyone WHO WANTS TO BUILD A SNOWMAN! Enjoy!!

DIY Snowman Kit with free Printable tags Collage