Easy DIY Rosemary Herb Holiday Place Cards

Easy DIY Rosemary Herb Holiday Place Cards

I made some Easy DIY Rosemary Herb Holiday Place Cards. I wrote about them over at Redefined Mom…


Is anyone else feeling a bit stressed about now? I love the holidays, but by the time December 25th rolls around, my brain seems to run out of creative juice. Last year I was hosting Christmas at my house. I had everything done I thought, but 30 minutes before my guests were to arrive, I remembered I didn’t make any place cards.

Place cards are important if you want to keep the peace during the holidays. There are certain family members that should be placed at opposite ends of the table–if you know what I mean.

I’m a procrastinator by nature. Even though I thought I was out of creative juice, sometimes my best work happens in those final moments. I thought to myself, what could I use that would be quick, easy, cute, clever and I already had?

Why not make an Easy DIY Holiday Dinner Place Cards Using Rosemary Twigs? I had extra rosemary sprigs leftover from cooking. I had some fun craft paper. With some cutting, folding and name writing I was done. The rosemary springs look like little Christmas trees and give off a wonderful scent. I thought they turned out adorable!

To read more and see the full instructions, please head on over to Redefined Mom {HERE}, and check it out. Happy holidays!

Holiday Place Cards Collage 2