DIY Night Light 'Nap Hard Dream Big'

DIY Night Light ‘Nap Hard Dream Big’

Sometimes your little people need inspiration to get them to go to sleep…or go back to sleep…or stay asleep for at least 4 hours! I saw a similar DIY night light on DesignSponge, and knew I had to make one for myself. Well, not for me, but I needed a baby gift for my dear friend’s baby boy and this looked creative, fun and useful. A bonus is that the canvas looks great even during the day as artwork. Let’s get started so it’s finished before bedtime :).

DIY Nap Hard Dream Big Night Light Collage

What you will need:

DIY Night Light Nap Hard Dream Big Graphic


1. First, print off your ‘Nap Hard Dream Big’ printable: DIY Night Light Nap Hard Dream Big Template.

2. Next, place this print-out over your canvas and then hold up over a window to make your own light-box. Trace the letters with a pencil.

DIY Nap Hard Night Light 12

3. After you have traced the letters, then using a fun paint color (I used navy), paint around your letters. If you have a steady hand, then great! If you don’t, like me, then your “hand-painted” canvas will look more child-like, which is very fitting for a night light, am I right?!

DIY Nap Hard Night Light 11

4. Once your canvas is painted and dried (after you’ve done enough coats to get the color you want–2 coats for me), you then need to spray it with a finishing spray, clear acrylic sealer).

DIY Nap Hard Night Light 10

5. Next, staple your mini battery operated string of lights along the inside of the canvas frame. Make sure to criss-cross your lights.

Nap Hard Night Light 8

6. Finally, staple a ribbon to a bottom corner of the back of the canvas to tie the battery box of the string of lights down.

DIY Nap Hard Night Light 7

DIY Nap Hard Night Light 6

7. Turn on your night light and turn off your room lights to see how AWESOME you are at making the most amazing night light EVER!

DIY Nap Hard Night Light 1.B

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