Say No to Jarred Sauce! Make this Easy Homemade Pasta Sauce

Say No to Jarred Sauce! Make this Easy Homemade Pasta Sauce

The first time I heard about Pomi tomatoes I was in the Cayman Islands. We were vacationing with my sister who is an amazing cook. She and I had gone to the grocery store to buy something to make for dinner for our families. If you’ve ever been to Cayman, then you know how expensive EVERYTHING is, including food. It would cost a fortune for our two families to eat out ever night, so we made meals every now and then to save some money.

On our foray to the Cayman grocery store we came upon Pomi tomatoes. My sister, who is a great cook, was beside herself. She said with a box of Pomi tomatoes, anyone could make the best pasta sauce ever, and she was right. Pomi tomatoes is the key ingredient to never buying jarred sauce again!!

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With inspiration from my sister’s recipe, I hope you love my easy homemade pasta sauce just as much as my kids do! In fact, besides the fresh, sweet taste my kids love this sauce because it’s “smooth” and not chunky. You will love that it has no preservatives, is 100% BPA free, is 100% GMO free, has no artificial flavors added, is low in sodium and low in sugar. I don’t think any jarred sauce can compare to that!

Where can you buy Pomi tomatoes? Lucky for me, and you too, my local Target now sells it, but you can always find it at Amazon and have it delivered to your house. Enjoy!

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