Who doesn’t love a great costume? With this list of DIY costumes from simple to more complicated, you and your child can find their perfect DIY costume! Who knows, maybe you will find a costume you want to make for yourself!! Good luck and enjoy!

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Super Simple (perfect for last-minute)

1. Fantasy Football | Society 19

Supplies for this costumes: Wizard hat & beard, football jersey, football pants

2. Monster Hair Costume | Pinterest via Schivonne Visser

Supplies for this costumes: Purple hair spray

3. Diary of a Wimpy Kid | Keep Calm and Organized

Supplies for this costumes: Diary of a Wimpy Kid book, poster board

4. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Costume | Kindergarten Kiosk

Supplies for this costumes: Mouse ears and tail

5. Salad Costume | Coolest Handmade Costumes

Supplies for this costumes: Salad servers, green tissue paper

Harder, but Hilarious

6. Ice Cream Cone Costume | Lia Griffith

Supplies for this costumes: Colored felt squares, white tulle skirt, white headband

7. Werewolf Costume | The Happy Scraps

Supplies for this costumes: Craft fur, craft felt, plaid shirt

8. Garden Fairy Costume | Garden Lyanna Blog

Supplies for this costumes: Colored tulle rolls, fairy wings, fairy wand

9. Pedestrian Crossing Sign Costume | Costume Works

Supplies for this costumes: Black-0ut suit, yellow foam board

10. Fox Costume | Owlbeteen via YouTube

Supplies for this costumes: White headband, craft felt, Craft fur

Complicated, but Cool

11. Cello Costume | IMGUR

Supplies for this costumes: Cello bow, fishing wire

12. DIY Terrarium Costume | Aww Sam

Supplies for this costumes: Acetate sheets, green & pink craft foam sheets

13. R2d2 | Hub Pages

Supplies for this costumes: Pop-up laundry hamper, white and blue duct tape, punch bowl, silver spray paint

14. Rainbow Costume | Instagram via lizzieluluandco

Supplies for this costumes: Umbrella, stuffing, colored tulle rolls, fairy lights

15. Shark Cage Costume | All Things Thrifty

Supplies for this costumes: PVC Piping: 3-Way Elbow 3/4″ (8 Pack), Cross Fitting 3/4″ (8 Pack), PVC Cement, scuba costume