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Hey there! I started Cul-de-sac Cool in March of 2012 and we have been growing rapidly ever since! I love to share and promote about family, DIY, design, easy eats, funny experiences and all things cool. I welcome the opportunity to do sponsored posts, reviews or host advertisements for products, ideas or people I believe in. Please take a moment to check-out my blog to see if we’d be a good fit. To place an ad or request a sponsor post, please contact me {HERE}. Thanks for stopping by!

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The Fine Print

Sponsor Ads and Sponsor Posts or Reviews are selected at the discretion of Cul-de-sac Cool. When approving sponsors, I look for shops or blogs with similar aesthetics and audience. Before placing your ad/post/review, I will need to approve it. I reserve the right to reject potential sponsors that do not match Cul-de-sac Cool’s vision or aesthetic, that are not family friendly, or sell/advertise products or services that do not match my blog’s readership or moral standards.

For a product review, a full-size sample is requested. Samples will not be returned. I am very selective about the products I choose to review. Sending your product for review does not guarantee a product review. I need to have enough time to properly test the product to see if it fits my lifestyle, aesthetics and audience. If the review doesn’t seamlessly integrate with the content on my blog, then I reserve the right to decline the review.

If you feel that my audience is a good fit for your product and I have approved writing the product review, then send me a second non-refundable product sample so I can do a giveaway along with the product review. All giveaways will be promoted via Cul-de-sac Cool, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. If you have any questions, please contact me {here}. Thanks so much!


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