I Don't Grow Animals, I Grow Humans

I Don’t Grow Animals, I Grow Humans

I don’t grow animals, I grow humans…well, sometimes the humans I grow do seem like animals. My middle son, CH, really wants a dog or a Ginny pig or a lizard…it goes on and on. I grew up with dogs. In fact, my family growing up went through about 10 dogs. How, you ask? Well, they would die (one run over by a school bus and one run over by the paper boy…he was driving a car), or get sick, or runaway, or tear our house up so we would have to find a better home for them. My sister LOVED all our animals. We had to figure out different ways to tell her that Snowball or Mister wasn’t coming home from the vet…or the backyard. I was always jealous because she got to go to a baseball game with my dad (he only had two tickets) because she was so upset. I learned at an early age not to get too attached to our pets, because they didn’t stay around very long.

The Hubs and I had two dogs when we first got married. Papillon, our sweet mixed-breed rescued farm dog, who had to be put down because of illness and then Billy, crazy and not-so-smart rescued dog. Billy was not the same after Papi died and wound up biting a neighbor kid (trauma). I had a baby at the time, so Billy the Biter was given up. Since then, we’ve been busy having more kids. I just do better growing humans. I know eventually we will get a dog, I just want my  “human animals” old enough to HELP take care of the four-legged friend.

Until that day comes, we will make do with our other pets, Fluffy and Pig. They are dust bunnies. They even had babies…you know how bunnies are. I now have lots of little dust bunnies all over my house. Hopefully these dust bunnies will keep my “human animals” occupied enough so we won’t have to get a pet. I’m just not ready.