Free Printables! 10 Tips while Planning a Kid-Free Trip

Free Printables! 10 Tips while Planning a Kid-Free Trip


The Hubs and I are going on an couple’s trip! We are headed to Cali for a good friend’s wedding. Before I go on any trip without kids, I have to sit down and write the longest, most in-depth “novel” for our babysitters, usually one set of grandparents. I’m kind of known for my “lists.” They are long, but packed full of good and useful information. I hope you find this list helpful and I hope the Medical Authorization form never has to be used while you are gone.

Here are 10 tips I use while planning a kid-free trip:

  1. I use the Multiple Day & Night Kid’s Info & Instruction List. I fill this bad boy out as best I can.
  2. I fill out a Medical Authorization Form too. Be sure to make photo copies of your insurance cards and staple to the back of either this form or your instruction list.
  3. I make a calendar showing hour by hour when and where the kids need to be. This always helps me, and hopefully the babysitters,  to visualize the days.
  4. I print helpful Google Maps and directions of practice fields, game fields, schools and other places the kids need to be.
  5. I leave an envelope of cash for incidentals.
  6. I make sure our car is filled with gas if our babysitter is going to be using it.
  7. I stock up on easy foods that can be prepared: pasta, chicken nuggets, sandwich makings, etc.
  8. I pre-make lunches (minus the sandwiches) and put them in paper lunch sacks with the kid’s names on them and day. Then all the babysitter has to do is make the sandwiches.
  9. I try to get caught up on laundry so the kids have clothes to wear while I’m gone and straighten up the house. This doesn’t always get done.
  10. I put all these lists, forms, money envelope and directions in a folder marked KIDS INSTRUCTIONS and leave on the counter.

It never fails, before each trip I have a “freaking-out” moment. This usually involves me feeling overwhelmed about getting ready to go and sad because I’m going to miss my kids. This is normal and by the time I’m at the airport I’m fine…and you will be too.

It is very important to have good, quality time with your significant other. The more you can ease your mind while away from the kids, the more fun, relaxation and connection you will have with your significant other. It also gives the babysitter a great foundation of knowledge to use while taking care of your kids. Have fun, happy and safe travels!