DIY Decoupage Soccer Art 2

DIY Decoupage Soccer Art 2

The soccer decoupage art phenomenon continues with DIY Decoupage Soccer Art 2, the companion piece to DIY Decoupage Soccer Art 1. I used old soccer magazines, stickers, Mod Podge and paint to make this cool soccer art piece. It wasn’t too hard and looks really cool with the other piece.



  • Cut and tear out magazine, book or craft paper pictures.

  • Start gluing all the pieces down with Mod Podge. Glue underneath and on top while overlapping. Let dry. Apply a second coat and let dry.

  • Spelling out your quote, stick stickers on your canvas (these stickers will be pulled off after you paint your piece to show the cool, colorful decoupage underneath). The quote I used is “Every Team Needs a Hero.”

  • Paint over the canvas and stickers. I painted lightly so some of the images could be seen through the paint. Make sure you paint the sides of your canvas too.

  • Immediately after painting, using a flat object (I used a plastic knife), gently lift the stickers off. Once dry, spray with Clear Acrylic Spray to protect and water proof. Let dry.