DIY Decoupage Mail/Key Holder Art

DIY Decoupage Mail/Key Holder Art

My parents have bought a cool, new RV. They needed a mail/key holder by their front door. I decided to make them one as a “RV Warming” gift. It is small in scale to fit their new close quarters, but big on personality!


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  1. Cut or tear craft paper or magazine pages into small pieces. Using Mod Podge, glue the pieces down onto your canvas. Glue underneath and on top.
  2. Stick stickers on your canvas. The 3D stickers (Home Sweet) will stay on so glue underneath and on top of them and let dry. Through trial and error I figured out that 3D stickers allow too much paint underneath them. The flat stickers will be pulled off after you paint to show the cool, colorful decoupaged paper underneath.
  3. Paint over canvas and stickers.
  4. Before too dry, using a flat object (I used a plastic knife) gently lift the flat stickers (RV) off. Once dry, spray with Clear Acrylic Spray to protect and water proof. Let dry.
  5. Using a staple gun, I stapled the mail/key holder onto the back of the canvas. I also added some cool ribbon trim and a ribbon loop at the top to hang it by.
 This process can be adapted to almost any kind of canvas project. Have fun with it!