Dear Staircase, You Need a Make-Over

Dear Staircase, You Need a Make-Over


We’ve been working hard around here. Our staircase that leads to our top-level has been needing a make-over. I wanted to share the letter I wrote to her this  last week…

Dear Staircase,

When I first met you, you were quite and reserved–quite the wallflower. You loved the color beige and just kind of blended into the background. No one really noticed you as they climbed your steps. We added some artwork to your tall walls to accentuate your height, but it didn’t work. No one was drawn to you. They just wanted to draw on you.

As the years went by, you took a lot of abuse from us. You got several nicks from us moving our new bedroom furniture up your stairs. I know…that king sized sleigh bed is such a bitty. She didn’t even say excuse me when she bumped her big backside into your drywall. Then there are the kids. For some reason little boys have a great aversion to banisters unless they are used as monkey bars. The gazillion hand prints under your banister all the way down the staircase shows that they prefer wall-walking then dainty bannister scooching. I know it is an extremely sore subject so I won’t even get into the Hot Wheels track marks all over your flat-beige painted walls or the builder-grade carpeting that was supposed to be a light beige, but after years of abuse looked more mud-pie-dirt-brown.

Needless to say, you were one sad, dirty staircase. That’s when the LMHA (Loving My House Again) Fairy visited you and sent you on a makeover vacation. She pick out a new egg-shell paint for you called Caribbean Pleasures. She tore out your old, worn-out carpeting and gave you a new, peppy Berber. All  your baseboards were touched up and made sparkly. Finally, your art work was hung again, and you looked 10 feet taller! It was amazing.

Now that your makeover vacation is over, I can’t stop looking at you. You are the prettiest room in this house. You aren’t a wallflower anymore, Staircase. You are a tall, chic stairwell to heaven!