15 Coolest DIY Halloween Boys Costumes

15 Coolest DIY Halloween Boys Costumes

Halloween costume negotiations have begun with my boys. School-age boys want to look cool, but not like babies. To help all of us, I have compiled a list of Cool DIY Boys Halloween Costumes that range from easy to hard for school-age boys. Good luck and have fun!

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1. Late Night Talk Show Host…Conan

My middle son went as a late night talk show host, Conan O’Brien, last year. He was a big hit. This costume could be adapted for any late night talk show host. You need a box for the desk. Contact paper to cover the box or just paint it. I printed off Conan pictures from the internet and glued them onto the desk. I then attached ribbon to the back of the box to wrap around my son’s neck to hold the desk up. We glued a styrofoam coffee cup to his desk top and added a microphone that we had. I made a mask for him out of foam board, covered it in cotton balls for the hair texture then painted it. He wore a shirt and tie and cracked jokes all night long.


2. Minecraft Steve & Minecraft Creeper

My boys love the video/computer game Minecraft. My youngest wants to be Steve from Minecraft this year. I found a great blog that had a template and instructions on how to make your own: {Mama Needs a Hobby}

This blog also has a template for a Minecraft Creeper:

If you don’t feel like making your own Minecraft costumes, you can buy these masks here: Minecraft 12″ Steve Head Costume Mask and Official Minecraft Creeper Head Cardboard Mask 12 Inches By 12 Inches along with these accessories: Minecraft Foam Sword or Minecraft Foam Pickaxe.

Here are some other links to Cool DIY Halloween Boys Costumes:

3. The Claw

4. Bed Bug

 bed bug costume

5. Lego Ninjago

6. Samurai

Samurai Costume

7. Werewolf

8. Garden Head

9. Spaghetti & Meatballs

Spaghetti and meatballs costume

10. Quick Owl

11. iPhone


 12. Gargoyle

Gargoyle Costume


13. Mad Scientist

Mad Scientist costume

14. Stunt Man

15. Penny

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