Dear Puberty

Dear Puberty

I recently wrote a letter to Puberty that I wanted to share…

Dear Puberty,

Well, it’s been a while, Puberty. Remember me? I first met you back in the “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret” days. I was that 6th grader with the unfortunate haircut and Holly Hobby glasses. Those weren’t easy times for me. I was so self-conscious. I felt awkward and chubby, but I made it through those days and grew up. I went to college, worked, got married and had babies. Puberty was just a blip in my life…

Until now. Now I get to experience it as a mother, a mother of boys. Boy puberty is a little foreign to me. My oldest, Son #1, has been experiencing “the change” for some time. Now Son #2 has joined him. My 8-year-old, Son #3, keeps thinking he is changing. He is on puberty watch, but nothing has sprouted under his arms yet.

The whole atmosphere in our home has changed. You can feel it when you walk through the door. The air is thicker and more smelly. Tempers are quicker to rise and hearts are easily broken. Bedroom doors are shut at night and one word answers are the norm.

I can feel them pulling away, Puberty. My head knows that this is normal and the next step towards growing up, but my heart breaks a little each time they step further away. You see, these are my babies we are talking about. No matter how big their feet get or who their girlfriends are, they will always be my babies.

I guess what I’m trying to say, is take it easy on them, Puberty. Help guide their overly long and gangly legs in the right direction from time to time. Don’t cause them too much embarrassment or make them smell too badly. Most of all, don’t take their confidence from them, but help build it up until they feel good about the men they are becoming.

Thank you, Puberty, for helping me remember. I still see glimpses of myself as that awkward, Holly Hobby glasses girl. I’m glad I have grown and become the person I am today. I pray that my boys will feel the same and that I can be the calm for them as they grow up.

I’m off to the store again to buy more food, acne medicine and air freshener. Thanks for listening, Puberty, and see you in a few years when Son #3 starts sprouting hairs.

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