5 Easy Holiday Family Traditions

5 Easy Holiday Family Traditions

My kids love family tradition especially during Christmas. Some of our holiday traditions are making cookies with Granny D, going to Aunt Cari’s for a Christmas Eve seafood dinner, and on Christmas day, watching the video the Hubs made of last Christmas. All of these traditions build family togetherness. Below are some other great family traditions that I can’t wait to start doing! I hope this holiday season you and your family can enjoy being together and start some of your own traditions.

1. Random Acts of Christmas Kindness | Katherine Marie

Each day leading up to Christmas, once a week, the week before Christmas, or however you wish to set up your time table, spread a little joy by doing random acts of kindness. Katherine Marie has some great suggestions {HERE}. Sit down with your family and decide what you want to do and when you want to do it. You could do gifts or just write or draw thankful notes then start spreading the Christmas joy of the season to random, unsuspecting people.

2. Gratitude Jar | Counting by 12s

Start the year with an empty jar and fill it with notes about good things that happened. On New Years Eve, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July (or whenever you feel like it), empty it and see what awesome stuff has happened throughout year.

3. Christmas Movie Checklist | White House Black Shutters

What better way to get ready for Christmas then to watch holiday movies! White House Black Shutters makes it easy for you because she has a printable Christmas Movie Checklist with loads of favorites for young and old. You don’t think you can get through all the movies before Christmas? No problem! Store your checklist with your holiday decorations and bring it out the next year to continue marking movies off.

4. The Christmas Money Jar | Squidoo

Have your family put money in a jar throughout year. At Christmas time, choose someone to bless (anonymously). To learn how this tradition started, you should read the book “Christmas Jars.” I love this idea!

5. Christmas Fun List | Find Joy in the Journey

Create a list of possible family activities to do each day over the Christmas season. Check them off as you go. The activites can be silly or meaningful, big or small. What matters is that you are doing them as a family. Making the list is half the fun!

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