10 Easy DIY Kid Stocking Stuffers

10 Easy DIY Kid Stocking Stuffers

Surprise your kids this year with these 10 Easy DIY Kid Stocking Stuffers. Not only will you save money, but you will have a great excuse to do more crafting! Enjoy!

1. DIY Fabric Shoelaces | from Cupcakes and Crinoline

These are so cute! I might have to make some for me.

2. DIY Tumbling Penguin Kit | from The Party Artisan

Print out the FREE printable and then place in a baggy with 2 marbles, a glue stick and some crayons. During your Holiday break you and your child can make the penguin and watch it roll!

3. DIY Lava Lamp | from Lil’ Luna

My youngest has always wanted a lava lamp, but because they get so hot I haven’t wanted him to have one. Now I can make him one heat-free!

4. DIY Build Your Own Little Coloring Books | from Chez Beeper Bebe

These are especially great for little ones. Add a packet of crayons to help keep them busy wherever you go!

5. DIY Braided Fabric Bracelet | from Lines Across

Not only are these bracelets chic, but they are easy to make. You could even put all the supplies in a bag and make a kit with an instructions sheet for your child to make on their own.

6. DIY Marshmallow Shooters | from Happiness is Homemade

What makes these marshmallow shooters special is their bright colors. I love it!

7. DIY Chalkboard Necklace | from Henry Happened

What a sweet necklace. Young and old will love this!

8. DIY Gak (Goo or Slime) Gift | from Lil’ Luna

What kid doesn’t love slime? Now they can make their own and then play with it. Brilliant!

9. DIY Camera Shaped Accordion Book | from The Art Annex

I love this idea of an accordion book made out of an Altoids tin. You could draw pictures, cut pictures from magazines or comic books or even use family photos.

10. DIY Monster Claws | from The Southern Institute

Spice up your child’s winter knit gloves by turning them into Monster Claws!

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