10 Cool Ways to Propose Marriage

10 Cool Ways to Propose Marriage

These days, it almost seems like you need a film crew, music  studio and a pilot’s license to propose marriage…but I’ve found  10 Cool Ways to Propose Marriage that are DOABLE. All you need to do is use your talents, know what your true love likes and dislikes and keep it simple! Good luck!

1. The Book Worm Proposal | Lilly_Unique

2. The Star Wars Obsessed ProposalCheezburger

3. The Adventure-Seeker Proposal | Jest

4. The Ice Cream Lover Proposal | The Full Bouquet

5.The Gamer Proposal | Salainen

6. The Creative Comic Book ProposalBoing Boing

 7. The Coffee Lover Proposal | JuJu Good News

8. The Artistic Proposal | Scrabble Wonder How to

9. The Intellectual Proposal | Popsugar

10. The Landscaper Proposal | Express

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