Picture (doesn't have to be) Perfect!

Picture (doesn’t have to be) Perfect!

“Helloooo!” to the residents on the coolest cul-de-sac ever!  I am Becca’s friend, Becky, from Mrs. Ater’s 6th grade class (will post embarrassing photo if dared). I am here to share in the celebration of all things wonderful, whimsical, happy and helpful. Becca and I recently reconnected and since we have the same name, she decided I could guest blog a bit. SO nice of her! (If your name is Rebecca too, and you want to be a guest blogger, shoot her an email…).

I love photography and decorating with photos. People are drawn to photos because they evoke an emotional response and they spark vivid memories. If you have any photos on display in your house, you know this already–people come up close to photos and smile and comment in a way they never would with any other wall hangings or decorations. In this “Pinterest-perfect” age (love it and hate it!) I think most of us get scared off by the impossible-to-achieve photo wall of million dollar professional pics, and instead do nothing with priceless photos of our kids, friends, family and pets. I am here to show you some super quick and very inexpensive ways to showcase your photographs of who and what you love. Let’s get those photos off your phone or computer and get them in front of your face! Boo-yah!

picture perfect Collage

No need for a professional photo shoot.  Relax, girl!  Snapshots from your phone or simple point-and-shoot camera will do, with minimal editing or cropping. No picture to work with?  Print out your initials in a fun font, or a word or date that has meaning to you, or grab a note your kid wrote you and frame away!

1. “Initial” impression.


Add an initial or all 3 initials above a photo or group of photos.  Get tiny letters at a craft store or Amazon (wooden Letters)–they would be cute painted a color too. Use Command Picture Hanging Strips to hang. Easy!

2. 50% off!

fifty percent

I get tons of compliments on these 1/2 face pics of my kiddos. Just take a straight-on pic with a plain wall behind and crop just to the side of the nose, so that with the mat or frame you’ll have enough space to line it up and actually see half of their face. This is also cute with a square pic –Instagram pics work great for this, even framed in a small table top frame.

3. “Frame” of reference.

frame of reference

Put a larger open frame around a framed pic or a collection of frames to make it a “bigger” art piece.

4. Put a cork in it.


No glass in an old frame? No problem! Cut a piece of cork tile to fit in the frame and print a little favorite pic on photo paper and stick a pin in it– done!

5. Lose the color sometimes.


Color photos are fun, but turning a photo black and white gives it instant impact, and makes it more timeless and classic.

6. Frame the outtakes! (a.k.a. embrace real life.)

out takes

My most popular holiday card ever was the year I sent out a 9 photo collage, 8 of which were total photo-FAILS… kids crying, leaning forward, arching backward, trying to bite us and each other, my husband getting frustrated, me getting frustrated…in the final pic we all look semi-decent. People tell me they still remember it and some still have that one up on their fridge…I sent it in 2006.

Here’s the bottom line: surround yourself with things that make you smile. It will make your day and your life a little brighter.

Sooooo nice to meet you…hope to see you around the neighborhood! Leave a dare in comments section if you want to see that pic from 6th grade!

Becky bioBecky Alfred
has polka dots in every room of her house. Really. She spends her days picking up used band-aids and dirty clothes left behind by her 3 amazing red-headed kids she raises with her husband she met in 2nd grade. (Clarification: they did not get married until many, many years later.) In her spare time, she dabbles in photography, DIY graphic design, and being a pediatrician at an urgent care. Becky would rather shop for home d├ęcor than clothes, and would rather eat out than cook. Oh–and she never buys Kleenex unless she likes the box. Really.