Late Night Diapers Baby Shower Game

Late Night Diapers Baby Shower Game

Picture this…your new baby is crying. You rub the sleep out of your eyes and try to see what time it is, but your night-time afro is covering your face and your husband is using you as an anchor while he rides the waves of dream land. The crying continues. The baby needs a feeding and more than likely a new diaper. Your late night diapering has begun. You shove your hubby, hoping he’ll wake up from his dream voyage, but to no avail. He rolls over and snores. That’s okay, you think to yourself. If you get up this time, he’ll have to get up the next time…which will be in 2-3 hours. You make your way to the babies room and now the crying has turned to howling. You check to make sure it is still your baby and not a werewolf, and then begin changing the diaper. You reach over to grab for a diaper and see what is written on it…

Late Night Diapers Baby Shower Game Collage

Thanks to the funny and great baby shower game your friend did at your shower, you now have an abundance of late night diapers with funny (and sometimes blatantly honest) sayings on them to get your through the next crazy months!

What you need for the Late Night Diapers Baby Shower Game:


1. Purchase some diapers. Small enough for newborns and then maybe the next size up.

2. Arrange your diapers in a cute basket along with some permanent markers.

3. Place the diaper basket and markers on a table with your chalkboard sign.

4. Print this  list of examples {click on picture} to lay by the diapers to help your guests get creative in their sayings:

Late Night Diapers Baby Shower Game

 5. Explain to your guests that they need to write a funny saying on the front of a diaper.

This game was a big hit. At the end of our shower, we read some of the sayings aloud. Not only was this an easy game, but it was fun and will help any young mother out during those late night diaper episodes. Plus, she gets a whole basket of diapers!! Enjoy!

Late Night Diapers Baby Shower Game 1